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Journal title: Journal of Tea science
Inscription of journal title: ZHU De
Responsible Institution: China Association for Science and Technology
Sponsored by: China Tea Science Society
Tea Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science
Editing and Publishing: Editorial Office, Journal of Tea science
Start time: 1964
No. of issues: Bi-monthly
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  SU Jingjing, RUAN Li, WANG Liyuan, WEI Kang, WU Liyun, BAI Peixian, CHENG Hao
  Early Identification of Nitrogen Absorption Efficiency in Tea Plants
    Journal of Tea Science   2020 Vol.40 (5): 576-587 [Abstract] (132) [PDF 648 KB] (54)
  GUO Lingling, ZHANG Fen, CHENG Hao, WEI Kang, RUAN Li, WU Liyun, WANG Liyuan
  Molecular Cloning and Expression Analysis of CsAAPs Gene Subfamily in Camellia Sinensis
    Journal of Tea Science   2020 Vol.40 (4): 454-464 [Abstract] (103) [PDF 582 KB] (53)
  YU Shuping, XU Liyi, WU Rongmei, WANG Liyuan, WU Liyun, WEI Kang, CHENG Hao, WANG Yongqi
  Genetic and Phylogenetic Analysis for Resources of Camellia Sinensis from Kaihua County in Zhejiang Province
    Journal of Tea Science   2020 Vol.40 (3): 341-351 [Abstract] (186) [PDF 1454 KB] (116)
  LIN Cheng, CHEN Zicong, WU Yiqun, YAN Mingjuan
  Acidification Characteristics and Nutrient Contents in Soils of Tea Garden and Adjacent Woodland in Subtropical Region
    Journal of Tea Science   2020 Vol.40 (2): 186-193 [Abstract] (181) [PDF 300 KB] (98)
  FAN Zhanhui, TANG Xiaojun, ZHENG Dan, YANG Qin, CHEN Guangnian, LI Xiaowen, SUN Jiabin
  Study and Prospect of Soil Acidification Causes and Improvement Measures in Tea Plantation
    Journal of Tea Science   2020 Vol.40 (1): 15-25 [Abstract] (321) [PDF 364 KB] (147)
  RUAN Jianyun, MA Lifeng, YI Xiaoyun, SHI Yuanzhi, NI Kang, LIU Meiya, ZHANG Qunfeng
  Integrated Nutrient Management in Tea Plantation to Reduce Chemical Fertilizer and Increase Nutrient Use Efficiency
    Journal of Tea Science   2020 Vol.40 (1): 85-95 [Abstract] (380) [PDF 1210 KB] (252)
  YANG Qinglin, YANG Xiangde, JI Lingfei, MA Lifeng, RUAN Jianyun
  Effects of Fertigation on Young Tea Plant Growth and Nutrient Absorption
    Journal of Tea Science   2020 Vol.40 (1): 96-104 [Abstract] (127) [PDF 342 KB] (67)
  CHEN Linmu, CHEN Jingguang, WANG Ningning, ZHANG Xianchen
  The Role of Plasma Membrane H+-ATPase on Nitrogen-regulated Phosphorus Uptake in Tea Plants
    Journal of Tea Science   2019 Vol.39 (6): 723-730 [Abstract] (122) [PDF 1065 KB] (153)
  NIU Siyun, NI Kang, ZHAO Chenguang, MA Lifeng, RUAN Jianyun
  Characteristics of Soil Nitrification Potential in Different Tea Gardens of China
    Journal of Tea Science   2019 Vol.39 (6): 731-741 [Abstract] (163) [PDF 460 KB] (91)
  LIU Yanli, MA Linlong, CAO Dan, JIN Xiaofang, FENG Lin, GONG Ziming
  Identification and Bioinformatic Analysis of Pectin Acetylesterases from Tea Plant
    Journal of Tea Science   2019 Vol.39 (5): 521-529 [Abstract] (215) [PDF 686 KB] (97)
  GUO Yongchun, WANG Pengjie, CHEN Di, ZHENG Yucheng, CHEN Xuejin, YE Naixing
  Genome-wide Identification and Expression Analysis of SRO Gene Family in Camellia sinensis
    Journal of Tea Science   2019 Vol.39 (4): 392-402 [Abstract] (222) [PDF 858 KB] (76)
  WANG Guofu, SUN Xiaohong, FANG Yi, ZHOU Jin, SHEN Qianting, XIANG Junlei, JIN Xianling, LUO Xingyun
  Effects of Shading on Microbial Characteristics and Enzyme Activities in Matcha Tea Garden Soil
    Journal of Tea Science   2019 Vol.39 (3): 355-363 [Abstract] (194) [PDF 603 KB] (92)
  TANG Dandan, LIU Meiya, ZHANG Qunfeng, SHI Yuanzhi, MA Lifeng, RUAN Jianyun
  Effects of Nitrogen Form and Root-zone pH on Nutrient Uptake and Concentrations of Organic Anions in Tea Plants (Camellia sinensis)
    Journal of Tea Science   2019 Vol.39 (2): 159-170 [Abstract] (213) [PDF 1092 KB] (103)