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  WANG Zhibo, BAI Jiahe, ZHOU Xiaogui, GUO Huawei, XIAO Qiang
  Effect of Three Antibiotic Treatments on Bacterial Endosymbiont Community of Ectropis Grisescens Warren
    Journal of Tea Science   2021 Vol.41 (1): 90-100 [Abstract] (48) [PDF 10817 KB] (19)
  WANG Dingfeng, LI Liangde, LI Huiling, ZHANG Hui, WU Guangyuan
  Screening, Identification and Culture Conditions of a High-virulent Isolate of Beauveria against Myllocerinus Aurolineatus
    Journal of Tea Science   2021 Vol.41 (1): 101-112 [Abstract] (45) [PDF 11616 KB] (24)
  REN Qianqian, ZHUANG Mingzhu, CAI Xiaoming, BIAN Lei, LUO Zongxiu, LI Zhaoqun, YOU Minsheng, CHEN Zongmao, JIN Shan
  The Release of Volatiles in Resistant and Susceptible Tea Cultivars under Empoasca Onukii Feeding
    Journal of Tea Science   2020 Vol.40 (6): 795-806 [Abstract] (88) [PDF 1074 KB] (69)
  JIN Yinli, MA Quanchao, ZHANG Shaojie, YIN Jian, SHI Hongzhong, GENG Shubao
  Oviposition Behavior and Effect of Temperature on the Overwintering Egg Development of Pochazia Guttifera
    Journal of Tea Science   2020 Vol.40 (6): 807-816 [Abstract] (68) [PDF 2211 KB] (30)
  CHEN Lilin, ZHOU Hao, ZHAO Jie
  Potential Climate-suitable Distribution of Ectropis Grisescens in China Based on the CLIMEX and ArcGIS Prediction
    Journal of Tea Science   2020 Vol.40 (6): 817-829 [Abstract] (77) [PDF 1842 KB] (35)
  QIAO Li, HONG Feng, JIN Yinli, GENG Shubao, GUO Shibao
  Effects on the Photoreaction Behavior of Ectropis Grisescens Warren to Different Light Spectrum
    Journal of Tea Science   2020 Vol.40 (5): 617-624 [Abstract] (135) [PDF 484 KB] (61)
  LIU Fengjing, RAN Wei, LI Xiwang, WANG Suqin, SUN Xiaoling
  The Comparison of Leaf Structures and Empoasca Onukii Matsuda Honeydew Excretion among Five Tea Cultivars (Strains)
    Journal of Tea Science   2020 Vol.40 (5): 625-631 [Abstract] (130) [PDF 449 KB] (87)
  ZHENG Rongrong, LIU Luxing, MA Yanli, WANG Zishuai, CHEN Shaoyou, HE Dunchun, XIE Lianhui
  Analysis on the Impact Factors and Hierarchical Structure of the Farmers’ Adoption of Tea Ecological Pest Management by Logistic-ISM Model
    Journal of Tea Science   2020 Vol.40 (5): 696-706 [Abstract] (144) [PDF 560 KB] (90)
  GENG Shubao, HOU Heli, HE Yujing, QIAO Li, PAN Pengliang, YIN Jian, JIN Yinli
  Effects of Nutrition Supplementation on Longevity and Fecundity of Scopula Subpunctaria
    Journal of Tea Science   2020 Vol.40 (4): 501-509 [Abstract] (136) [PDF 440 KB] (90)
  YANG Wen, LIU Huifang, CHEN Yao, SU Sheng, LI Tianxing, LIU Yaoguo, ZHOU Yufeng
  Volatile Components from Cymbopogon citratus and the Activity Research on Their Main Elements Against Three Fungal Pathogens of Tea
    Journal of Tea Science   2020 Vol.40 (2): 269-278 [Abstract] (156) [PDF 421 KB] (235)
  WEI Rifeng, LAI Jiandong, PENG Chengbin, ZHANG Chengkang, LIAN Lingli, LIU Wei
  cDNA-AFLP Reveals Differential Gene Expression Profiles of Tea Plant (Camellia sinensis cv. Maoxie) Induced by Colletotrichum sp.1 Infection
    Journal of Tea Science   2020 Vol.40 (1): 26-38 [Abstract] (138) [PDF 577 KB] (91)
  SUN Xiaoling, CHEN Chengcong, LI Ning, LIU Fengjing, DONG Ya′nan, QIAN Xiaona, XING Yuxian, LIU Miaomiao, LI Xiwang
  The Fall Armyworm Spodoptera frugiperda may Transfer to Damage Tea Plant (Camellia sinesis)
    Journal of Tea Science   2020 Vol.40 (1): 105-112 [Abstract] (141) [PDF 585 KB] (112)
  SUN Yunnan, XU Yan, RAN Longxun, JIANG Huibing, SONG Weixi, XIA Lifei, CHEN Linbo, LIANG Mingzhi
  Transcriptome Analysis of the Tea Leaves (Camellia sinensis var. assamica) Infected by Tea Blister Blight
    Journal of Tea Science   2020 Vol.40 (1): 113-124 [Abstract] (180) [PDF 798 KB] (344)
  ZHANG Lan, GUO Huawei, LI Menghan, LIAO-YANG Wenke, LI Xin, HAN Wenyan
  Identification and Pathogenicity Analysis of Pathogens in Tea Branches
    Journal of Tea Science   2019 Vol.39 (6): 661-668 [Abstract] (119) [PDF 2574 KB] (90)
  ZHANG Xin, Chen Chengcong, DU Qin, LI Xiwang, SUN Xiaoling
  Cloning and Expression Analysis of Serine Protease EoSP1 in Tea Geometrid (Ectropis obliqua) and Its Response to Starvation
    Journal of Tea Science   2019 Vol.39 (6): 669-680 [Abstract] (147) [PDF 719 KB] (316)
  JIN Yinli, MA Quanchao, ZHANG Fangmei, QIAO Li, GENG Shubao, YIN Jian
  Occurrence and Damage of Overwintering Populations of Ricania sublimbata Jacobi in Xinyang Tea-producing Area
    Journal of Tea Science   2019 Vol.39 (5): 595-601 [Abstract] (241) [PDF 378 KB] (124)
  XIANG Xiaolong, YANG Wen, LIU Huifang, CHEN Yao, ZHOU Yufeng, HU Anlong
  Fungicidal Activity Comparison and Synergetic Effect of Citronellol Optical Isomers Against Colletotrichum gloeosporioides
    Journal of Tea Science   2019 Vol.39 (4): 425-430 [Abstract] (361) [PDF 321 KB] (100)
  ZHAO Xingli, ZHANG Jinfeng, ZHOU Yufeng, ZHAO Dailin, ZHANG Li, ZHOU Luona, TAO Gang
  Isolation, Screening and Identification of A Strain of Trichoderma Antagonizing Tea Anthracnose
    Journal of Tea Science   2019 Vol.39 (4): 431-439 [Abstract] (226) [PDF 885 KB] (135)
  ZHANG Hong, ZHANG Mengting, WANG Fukai, REN Mengxing, QING You, KANG Xiaohui
  Effects of Four Intercropping Crops on the Occurrence of Major Leaf Diseases in Tea Plantations in Summer and Autumn
    Journal of Tea Science   2019 Vol.39 (3): 318-324 [Abstract] (339) [PDF 576 KB] (107)
  ZHANG Jiaxia, SUN Qinyu, GE Chaomei, YE Tao, ZHANG Ran, DING Yong
  Morphological Characteristics and Histological Structure of the Reproductive Organs in Female Adults of Ectropis grisescens Warren (Lepidoptera: Geometridae)
    Journal of Tea Science   2019 Vol.39 (1): 98-104 [Abstract] (152) [PDF 1340 KB] (97)
  YU Yongchen, XIAO Bin, SUN Xiaoling
  Molecular Cloning and Expression of a Cysteine Gene in Empoasca onukii
    Journal of Tea Science   2018 Vol.38 (3): 263-270 [Abstract] (128) [PDF 911 KB] (46)
  WANG Dingfeng, LI Liangde, LI Huiling, ZHANG Hui, WANG Qingsen, WU Guangyuan
  Molecular Identification and Virulence Evaluation of an Entomopathogenic Fungus Isolated from the Cadaver of Sympiezomias citri
    Journal of Tea Science   2018 Vol.38 (3): 313-318 [Abstract] (146) [PDF 867 KB] (62)
  RAN Wei, ZHANG Jin, ZHANG Xin, LIN Songbo, SUN Xiaoling
  Infestation of Ectropis obliqua Affects the Catechin Metabolism in Tea Plants
    Journal of Tea Science   2018 Vol.38 (2): 133-139 [Abstract] (148) [PDF 257 KB] (131)
  LUO Zongxiu, SU Liang, LI Zhaoqun, LIU Yan, CAI Xiaoming, BIAN Lei, XIN Zhaojun, CHEN Zongmao
  Field Application Technology of Sex Pheromone on Ectropis grisescens
    Journal of Tea Science   2018 Vol.38 (2): 140-145 [Abstract] (169) [PDF 859 KB] (115)
  ZHANG Yongle, LIU Huixiang, XU Yongyu, HE Bangling, ZHENG Jinzhu
  The Tea Brown Blight Disease Caused by Co-infection of Glomerella cingulata f. sp. camelliae and Botryosphaeria dothidea
    Journal of Tea Science   2018 Vol.38 (1): 87-93 [Abstract] (138) [PDF 1038 KB] (84)
  BIAN Lei, LYU Runqiang, SHAO Shengrong, CAI Xiaoming, CHEN Zongmao
  Screening and Application of Food Attractants for the Control of Aeolesthes induta Adults
    Journal of Tea Science   2018 Vol.38 (1): 94-101 [Abstract] (113) [PDF 756 KB] (84)
  WANG Qizhi, LIU Yumei, LI Shuming
  The Repellency and Fumigant Activity of Essential Oil from Invasive Plant (Ageratum conyzoides) against Leafhopper (Empoasca onukii)
    Journal of Tea Science   2017 Vol.37 (5): 442-448 [Abstract] (100) [PDF 702 KB] (69)
  ZHENG Yuting, HAN Shanjie, HAN Baoyu
  Analysis on Variation in Color, Aroma and Taste of Leafhopper Damaged Tea Samples Based on Sensory Organ Intelligent Analytical Instruments
    Journal of Tea Science   2017 Vol.37 (5): 449-457 [Abstract] (119) [PDF 1098 KB] (101)
  LI Xiwang, LIU Fengjing, SHAO Shengrong, SU Liang, JIN Limeng, LOU Yonggen, SUN Xiaoling
  Research Progress and Prospect of Green Control Techniques of Ectropis obliqua
    Journal of Tea Science   2017 Vol.37 (4): 325-331 [Abstract] (97) [PDF 701 KB] (72)
  WANG Yao, MU Wei, ZHANG Lixia, XU Yongyu, LIN Jin, ZHANG Zhengqun
  Toxicity Assessment of Insecticides to Three Common Piercing-sucking Insects in Tea Plantations
    Journal of Tea Science   2017 Vol.37 (4): 392-398 [Abstract] (120) [PDF 780 KB] (78)