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Journal title: Journal of Tea science
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Responsible Institution: China Association for Science and Technology
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Tea Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science
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Start time: 1964
No. of issues: Bi-monthly
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  XIONG Yun, CHEN Jianghua, LI Daohe
  The Impact of Product Processing Standardization on Tea Firms’ Income from the Perspective of Scale Heterogeneity
    Journal of Tea Science   2023 Vol.43 (3): 424-436 [Abstract] (113) [PDF 373 KB] (75)
  ZHU Weili, CHEN Jianghua, LI Daohe
  Policy and the Total Factor Productivity Change of Tea Industry in China
    Journal of Tea Science   2022 Vol.42 (6): 886-899 [Abstract] (233) [PDF 515 KB] (181)
  LI Zheng, LIU Ding, HUO Zenghui, CHEN Fuqiao
  Analysis on the Competitiveness and Complementarity of Tea Trade between China and RCEP Members
    Journal of Tea Science   2022 Vol.42 (5): 740-752 [Abstract] (585) [PDF 532 KB] (222)
  JI Jinxiong, HONG Xiaoyan, ZHU Yongjie
  Study on the Measurement of Tea Farmers’ Livelihood Resilience and Influencing Factors: A Case Study of Anxi County
    Journal of Tea Science   2021 Vol.41 (1): 132-142 [Abstract] (294) [PDF 11144 KB] (174)
  WU Haizhong, TIAN Xiaosi, CHEN Baoping
  Spatial Differentiation and Contribution Factors of Tea Benefit Improvement in Anhui Province
    Journal of Tea Science   2020 Vol.40 (6): 845-852 [Abstract] (367) [PDF 654 KB] (185)
  LI Daohe, YE Lihong, CHEN Jianghua, LIU Ruo
  Analysis of Factors Affecting the Integration Performance of Tea Regional Public Brands——From on the Perspective of Tea Companies
    Journal of Tea Science   2020 Vol.40 (4): 544-554 [Abstract] (441) [PDF 318 KB] (196)
  FU Lei, SUN Tong, XIA Tao, WEN Xiaomeng
  Study on the Moderate Scale of Tea Family Farm—Based on the Survey Data of Anhui Province
    Journal of Tea Science   2018 Vol.38 (6): 643-651 [Abstract] (475) [PDF 825 KB] (207)
  LIN Mengxing, CHEN Fuqiao, DU Pei, JIANG Aiqing, JIANG Renhua
  Efficiency Analysis of E-commerce Management and Its Influencing Factors in Tea Enterprises
    Journal of Tea Science   2018 Vol.38 (5): 461-468 [Abstract] (390) [PDF 923 KB] (192)
  GUAN Xi, YANG Jiangfan, XIE Xiangying, LIN Chang, LI Jingyun
  Research on the Behavior of Tea Consumption in China with the CKB Data
    Journal of Tea Science   2018 Vol.38 (3): 287-295 [Abstract] (665) [PDF 898 KB] (286)
  HU Linying, DU Pei, CHEN Fuqiao, JIANG Aiqin, JIANG Renhua, LU Chengyin
  An Empirical Study on the Impact Factors of Adoption of Green Prevention and Control Technology by Tea-growers
    Journal of Tea Science   2017 Vol.37 (3): 308-314 [Abstract] (323) [PDF 856 KB] (202)
  SU Baocai, LI Yuxuan, GONG Peng
  Study on the Tea Farmers′ Cognition and Participation Model to Tea Manor——Based on the Survey Data of Fujian Province
    Journal of Tea Science   2017 Vol.37 (3): 315-323 [Abstract] (292) [PDF 861 KB] (207)
  GUAN Xi, YANG Jiangfan
  Comparative Study of Tea Consumption between Urban and Rural Residents in China
    Journal of Tea Science   2015 Vol.35 (4): 397-403 [Abstract] (479) [PDF 668 KB] (183)
  CHEN Fu-qiao, JIANG Ai-qin, DING Shi-jun, LV Jian-xing
  The Impact of Agricultural Industrialization on the Sales Income of the Farmers’ Agricultural Products——Based on the Empirical Study of Tea Growers
    Journal of Tea Science   2013 Vol.33 (5): 443-448 [Abstract] (298) [PDF 741 KB] (191)
  ZHANG Yue-li
  Study of the Anji White Tea Regional Brand′s Consumer Cognitive Structure Based on MEC Model
    Journal of Tea Science   2013 Vol.33 (5): 449-456 [Abstract] (541) [PDF 787 KB] (195)
  LIN Chun-tao, SU Bao-cai, GUAN Xi, YU Jian-hui
  Study on Oolong Tea Brand Loyalty under the Moderating Role of Switching Cost
    Journal of Tea Science   2013 Vol.33 (2): 155-163 [Abstract] (555) [PDF 624 KB] (146)
  YI Kai-gang, LI Fei-qin, ZHOU Shu-hong
  Mechanism and Countermeasures of Tea Industry’s Security Governance: Based on the Perspective of Mass Corporate Social Responsibility
    Journal of Tea Science   2013 Vol.33 (2): 164-170 [Abstract] (365) [PDF 506 KB] (171)
  ZHOU Zhi-xiu, DUAN Wen-hua, WU Hai-yan, SI Zhi-min
  Current Situation and Tendency on the Development of Chinese Premium Teas
    Journal of Tea Science   2013 Vol.33 (2): 171-178 [Abstract] (438) [PDF 661 KB] (262)
  KIM Tae-youn, TU You-ying
  Study on the Consumption of Green Tea in Korea Based on Food-related Lifestyle Theory
    Journal of Tea Science   2012 Vol.32 (3): 247-253 [Abstract] (414) [PDF 683 KB] (188)
  Influence of CNY Exchange Fluctuations on Tea Export of China——Positive Studies Based on Data during the Years of 1980~2010
    Journal of Tea Science   2012 Vol.32 (3): 254-260 [Abstract] (517) [PDF 620 KB] (136)
  YU Wen-quan, SUN Wei-jiang, WU Guo-zhang, ZHAO Li-hong
  Empirical Study on the Relationship between Tea Industry and Economic Development of Anxi County
    Journal of Tea Science   2012 Vol.32 (2): 142-146 [Abstract] (364) [PDF 505 KB] (112)
  YANG Jiang-fan, XU Qing, XIE Xiang-ying, GUAN Xi, GAO Shui-lian, CHEN Qian
  Perspective of Financing Risk from the Differentiationin Fujian Tea Enterprises
    Journal of Tea Science   2012 Vol.32 (1): 66-72 [Abstract] (341) [PDF 504 KB] (172)
  GUAN Xi, YANG Jiang-fan, XIE Xiang-ying, LIN Li-qiong
  Research on The Status of Chinese Tea Consumption and Factors of Tea Consumer’s Behavior
    Journal of Tea Science   2011 Vol.31 (6): 546-551 [Abstract] (528) [PDF 619 KB] (400)
  JIANG Yong-wen, CHEN Xiao-xiong, ZHU Jian-miao, YANG Shuang-xu
  Analysis on Development Scale ofChineseTea Industry in 2020
    Journal of Tea Science   2011 Vol.31 (3): 273-282 [Abstract] (539) [PDF 374 KB] (885)
  SONG Yan-ping, WANG Yan-rong
  The Demonstration Research on Congregation Degree of Tea Industry
    Journal of Tea Science   2008 Vol.28 (5): 379-385 [Abstract] (339) [PDF 314 KB] (173)
  TANG Yi, HUANG Han-dan
  Positive Studies on Characteristics of Tea Consumers in Hangzhou City
    Journal of Tea Science   2007 Vol.27 (4): 323-327 [Abstract] (342) [PDF 391 KB] (220)
  ZHANG Ying-bin, GONG Shu-ying, SHI Yan, ZHANG Jian-ying, QIAN Fu-qiang
  Research on the Consumption in Hangzhou Teahouses
    Journal of Tea Science   2007 Vol.27 (1): 88-93 [Abstract] (357) [PDF 392 KB] (235)
  LAI Hai-tao, HUANG Wan-qin
  Study on Preparation and Stability of Sodium Zinc Chlorophyllin From Tea Fresh Leaves
    Journal of Tea Science   2006 Vol.26 (1): 59-63 [Abstract] (282) [PDF 333 KB] (175)
  JIANG Han-chun, WANG Xiao-gu, ZHAO Hong-ying, JIANG Su-han
  Studies on the Competitive Capacity and Tactics of Chinese Tea on the Overseas Market with SWOT Method
    Journal of Tea Science   2004 Vol.24 (3): 159-165 [Abstract] (458) [PDF 46 KB] (241)
  CHEN Rong-bing, HUANG Fu-ping, CHEN Chang-song, YOU Xiao-mei
  Breeding Report on Strong Aroma and Good Quality Newly Bred Oolong Variety Rui Xiang
    Journal of Tea Science   2004 Vol.24 (1): 29-32 [Abstract] (337) [PDF 361 KB] (138)
  LU Jian-liang, LIANG Yue-rong, WU Ying, HUANG Fu-ping
  Cloning of Aluminum-tolerant Associated Gene from Fungus ALF-1(Neurospora sp.) in Rhizospheric Soil of Tea Plant
    Journal of Tea Science   2004 Vol.24 (1): 41-43 [Abstract] (372) [PDF 384 KB] (118)