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Responsible Institution: China Association for Science and Technology
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Start time: 1964
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  CHEN Yao, ZHANG Weifu, REN Hengze, XIONG Fei, ZHANG Haojie, YAO Lina, LIU ying, WANG Lu, WANG Xinchao, YANG Yajun, HAO Xinyuan
  Genome-wide Investigation and Expression Analysis of DNA Demethylase Genes in Tea Plant (Camellia Sinensis)
    Journal of Tea Science   2021 Vol.41 (1): 28-39 [Abstract] (517) [PDF 13153 KB] (145)
  CHEN Lin-bo, XIA Li-fei, SUN Yun-nan, LIANG Ming-zhi, ZHANG Zheng-zhu, LI Ye-yun, WAN Xiao-chun
  Analysis of Differential Gene Expression on Specific Tea Cultivar “Zijuan” for Leaf Color Changing
    Journal of Tea Science   2012 Vol.32 (1): 59-65 [Abstract] (390) [PDF 716 KB] (176)
  QIAO Xiao-yan, MA Chun-lei, CHEN Liang
  Molecular Cloning and Real-Time PCR Analysis of Flavone SynthaseⅡ Gene Full-length cDNA from the Tea Plant
    Journal of Tea Science   2009 Vol.29 (5): 347-354 [Abstract] (392) [PDF 377 KB] (174)
  WANG Heng-hong, SUO Hua-yi, YANG Jian, LIU Qin-jin
  Analysis of Genetic Diversity among Wild Tea Plants in Sichuan and Chongqing by ISSR Markers
    Journal of Tea Science   2009 Vol.29 (2): 168-172 [Abstract] (399) [PDF 221 KB] (178)
  CHEN Xuan, TANG Cha-qin, ZOU Zhong-wei, YANG Yi-yang, FANG Wan-ping, WANG Yu-hua, LI Xing-hui
  Molecular Cloning and Expression of a Flowering-related Calcium-dependent Protein Kinase Gene in Tea Plant [Camellia sinensis (L.)O.Kuntze]
    Journal of Tea Science   2009 Vol.29 (1): 47-52 [Abstract] (328) [PDF 444 KB] (146)
  CHEN Xuan, FANG Wan-ping, ZOU Zhong-wei, WANG Yu-hua, CHENG Hao, LI Xing-hui
  Cloning and Expression Analysis of CBF Gene in Cold Induced Tea Plant [Camellia Sinensis (L.)O.Kuntze]
    Journal of Tea Science   2009 Vol.29 (1): 53-59 [Abstract] (405) [PDF 630 KB] (175)
  ZHANG Ya-li, QIAO Xiao-yan, CHEN Liang
  Molecular Cloning and Expression Analysis on ACC Oxidase Gene Full-length cDNA from Tea Plant
    Journal of Tea Science   2008 Vol.28 (6): 459-467 [Abstract] (407) [PDF 527 KB] (89)
  HUANG Jian-an, HUANG Yi-huan, LI Jia-xian, LUO Jun-wu, LI Juan, LIU Zhong-hua
  Detection the Polymorphism of Polyphenols Oxidase Gene in Tea Plant (Camellia Sinensis) by PCR-RFLP
    Journal of Tea Science   2008 Vol.28 (5): 370-378 [Abstract] (463) [PDF 629 KB] (184)
  ZHANG Ya-li, QIAO Xiao-yan, CHEN Liang
  Full-length cDNA Cloning and Bioinformatic Analysis of ACC Synthase Gene from the Tea Plant (Camellia sinensis)
    Journal of Tea Science   2008 Vol.28 (4): 235-241 [Abstract] (344) [PDF 784 KB] (152)
  ZHU Wen-xian, LI Xing-hui, WANG Li-yuan, FANG Wan-ping, CHENG Hao
  Construction of E. coli Recombinant Engineered Strain for Theanine Biosynthesis with GS Gene Embedded
    Journal of Tea Science   2008 Vol.28 (4): 242-248 [Abstract] (319) [PDF 593 KB] (124)
  ZOU Zhong-wei, FANG Wan-ping, ZHANG Ding, DUAN Yun-shang, LI Xing-hui
  Analysis of Differential Expression Genes in Cold-induced Tea Plant
    Journal of Tea Science   2008 Vol.28 (4): 249-254 [Abstract] (307) [PDF 515 KB] (170)
  PAN Yu, WANG Kun-bo, XU Zhong-xi, XU Hui, HE Zhi-dan
  A Sequence Analysis and Structural Prediction on Polyphenol Oxidase in Tea
    Journal of Tea Science   2008 Vol.28 (3): 157-165 [Abstract] (436) [PDF 374 KB] (147)
  LU Wen-yuan, CHENG Hao, WANG Li-yuan, ZHOU Jian
  Study on the Plasmid Stability of the Genetically Engineered Escherichia coli Bacteria Strain for the Biosynthesis of Theanine
    Journal of Tea Science   2008 Vol.28 (2): 147-151 [Abstract] (377) [PDF 381 KB] (177)
  WANG Xin-chao, ZHAO Li-ping, YAO Ming-zhe, CHEN Liang, YANG Ya-jun
  Preliminary Study on Gene Expression Differences between Normal Leaves and Albino Leaves of Anji Baicha (Camellia sinensis cv. Baiye1)
    Journal of Tea Science   2008 Vol.28 (1): 50-55 [Abstract] (514) [PDF 380 KB] (169)
  JI Peng-zhang, ZHANG Jun, WANG Ping-sheng, HUANG Xing-qi, XU Mei, TANG Yi-chun, LIANG Ming-zhi
  Genetic Diversity of Ancient Tea Plant in Yunnan Province of China Revealed by Inter-simple Sequence Repeat(ISSR) Polymerase Chain Reaction
    Journal of Tea Science   2007 Vol.27 (4): 271-279 [Abstract] (473) [PDF 544 KB] (272)
  XIAO Li-zheng, YAN Chang-yu, LI Jia-xian, LUO Jun-wu, HE Yu-mei, ZHAO Chao-yi
  AFLP Analysis on Genetic Diversity of Fenghuang-Dancong Tea Plant Germplasms
    Journal of Tea Science   2007 Vol.27 (4): 280-285 [Abstract] (343) [PDF 714 KB] (218)
  MEI Ju-fen, WANG Xin-chao, YANG Ya-jun, LI Xing-hui
  Preliminary Study on Differential Gene Expression During Cold Acclimation in Tea Plant (Camellia sinensis)
    Journal of Tea Science   2007 Vol.27 (4): 286-292 [Abstract] (382) [PDF 610 KB] (219)
  ZHANG Jian-yong, JIANG He-yuan, JIANG Yong-wen
  Study on the Impact of Caffeine and BSA on the Formation of TFDG by the Chemical Oxidation of EGCG and ECG
    Journal of Tea Science   2007 Vol.27 (3): 185-191 [Abstract] (395) [PDF 480 KB] (215)
  WANG Kun-bo, LIU Zhong-hua, ZHAO Shu-juan, FU Dong-he, HUANG Jian-an
  Effects of Tea Catechin Proportions & Physico-chemical Conditions on the Enzymatic Synthesis of Theaflavin
    Journal of Tea Science   2007 Vol.27 (3): 192-200 [Abstract] (385) [PDF 462 KB] (155)
  GONG Jia-shun, CHEN Wen-ping, ZHOU Hong-jie, DONG Zhao-jun, ZHANG Yi-fang
  Evaluation on the Function and Toxicity of Extraction of Characteristic Components in Yunnan pu-erh Tea
    Journal of Tea Science   2007 Vol.27 (3): 201-210 [Abstract] (483) [PDF 2116 KB] (312)
  XIAO Wen-jun, REN Guo-pu, FU Dong-he, GONG Zhi-hua, XIAO Li-zheng, LIU Zhong-hua
  Study on the Regulation of Blood Lipid by Fuzhuan Tea
    Journal of Tea Science   2007 Vol.27 (3): 211-214 [Abstract] (336) [PDF 399 KB] (165)
  XIANG Tai-hong, HAN Bao-yu, ZHOU Xiao-gui
  A Survey on the Trapping Effect of Four Types of Coloured Sticky Plates on Various Species of Insects in Tea Gardens
    Journal of Tea Science   2007 Vol.27 (3): 253-258 [Abstract] (386) [PDF 394 KB] (193)
  YU Mei, JIANG Chang-jun, YE Ai-hua, WANG Zhao-xia, ZHU Lin, DENG Wei-wei, GAO Xuan, WAN Xiao-chun
  Analysis of Differential Gene Expression of Flower bud of Tea Plant (Camellia sinensis) by cDNA-AFLP
    Journal of Tea Science   2007 Vol.27 (3): 259-264 [Abstract] (389) [PDF 0 KB] (90)
  LU Jian-liang, LIN Chen, LUO Ying-ying, ZHANG Guang-hui, LIANG Yue-rong
  Progress in Functional Gene Cloning of Camellia sinensis
    Journal of Tea Science   2007 Vol.27 (2): 95-103 [Abstract] (339) [PDF 424 KB] (276)
  WANG Li-yuan, WANG Xian-bo, CHENG Hao, ZHOU Jian
  Research on Conditions of Theanine Biosynthesis by Genetically Engineered Escherichia coli
    Journal of Tea Science   2007 Vol.27 (2): 111-116 [Abstract] (303) [PDF 392 KB] (168)
  ZHANG Ya-li, ZHAO Li-ping, MA Chun-lei, CHEN Liang
  Molecular Identification, Bioinformatic Analysis and Prokaryotic Expression of the Cyclophilin Gene Full-length cDNA from Tea Plant (Camellia sinensis)
    Journal of Tea Science   2007 Vol.27 (2): 120-126 [Abstract] (365) [PDF 1813 KB] (145)
  MA Chun-lei, ZHAO Li-ping, ZHANG Ya-li, CHEN Liang
  Molecular Cloning and Sequence Analysis of Chalcone Isomerase Gene of Tea Plant (Camellia sinensis)
    Journal of Tea Science   2007 Vol.27 (2): 127-132 [Abstract] (337) [PDF 382 KB] (202)
  WEI Chao-ling, GAO Xiang-feng, YE Ai-hua, YANG Yun-qiu, JIANG Chang-jun
  Differential Gene Expression Profiles Analysis of Tea Plant Induced by Tea Looper (Ectropic oblique) Attack Using DDRT-PCR
    Journal of Tea Science   2007 Vol.27 (2): 133-140 [Abstract] (325) [PDF 392 KB] (105)
  LIN Zheng-he, CHEN Rong-bing, CHEN Chang-song, LIN Jin-ke, HAO Zhi-long, GAO Shui-lian, CHEN Lian-cheng
  Preliminary Application of ISSR Markers in the Genetic Relationship Analysis of Tea Plants
    Journal of Tea Science   2007 Vol.27 (1): 45-50 [Abstract] (329) [PDF 498 KB] (304)
  WANG Xian-bo, WANG Li-yuan, CHENG Hao, ZHOU Jian, LIN Zhi
  The Construction of the Engineered Escherichia coli Strain for the Biosynthesis of Theanine
    Journal of Tea Science   2007 Vol.27 (1): 61-66 [Abstract] (417) [PDF 317 KB] (244)