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Journal title: Journal of Tea science
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Responsible Institution: China Association for Science and Technology
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Tea Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science
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Start time: 1964
No. of issues: Bi-monthly
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  YING Le, PAN Yue, WANG Yuefei, XU Ping
  Physicochemical Properties, in vitro Antioxidant Activities and Protective Effects of Liubao Tea Polysaccharides on HUVEC
    Journal of Tea Science   2017 Vol.37 (1): 25-37 [Abstract] (300) [PDF 1226 KB] (215)
  WEI Nan, ZHU Qiangqiang, CHEN Jiming, LI Tong, LI Yifan, HUANG Yewei, WANG Xuanjun, SHENG Jun
  Tea Polysaccharide Increased Doxorubicin Inhibition of Lung Cancer A549 Cells
    Journal of Tea Science   2016 Vol.36 (5): 477-483 [Abstract] (450) [PDF 918 KB] (150)
  FAN Haitao, LIU Zhuang, ZHANG Zhaokang, CHENG Xiangyi, QIAO Shanyi
  Purification and Activity Determination of Polysaccharides MTP06 from Maojian Tea
    Journal of Tea Science   2016 Vol.36 (5): 531-536 [Abstract] (424) [PDF 661 KB] (319)
  LIANG Qin, GUO Li, DU Xian-feng
  Effects of Tea Polysaccharide on the Texture Characteristics of Amylose and Amylopectin
    Journal of Tea Science   2011 Vol.31 (6): 473-478 [Abstract] (477) [PDF 561 KB] (200)
  LIANG Jin, ZHANG Jian-yun, CUI Ying-ying, HUANG Long-quan
  Study on Chemical Modification and Anticoagulant Function in vitro of Tea Polysaccharides
    Journal of Tea Science   2008 Vol.28 (3): 166-171 [Abstract] (346) [PDF 203 KB] (230)
  KOU Xiao-hong, JIANG He-yuan, CUI Hong-chun, ZHANG Jian-yong, GAO Qing-qing, YUAN Xin-yue, SHU Ai-min, LIU Xiao-hui, GAO Qi
  Systematic Separation, Purification of Water-soluble Green Tea Polysaccharides and Their Immunological Activities
    Journal of Tea Science   2008 Vol.28 (3): 172-180 [Abstract] (355) [PDF 341 KB] (275)
  LI Lei, WANG Dong-feng, ZHOU Xiao-ling, DING Qing-bo
  Study on Food Functionality of Tea Polysaccharides
    Journal of Tea Science   2006 Vol.26 (2): 102-107 [Abstract] (447) [PDF 318 KB] (220)
  NI De-jiang, CHEN Yu-qiong, YU Zhi, ZHANG Yun, XIE Bi-jun, ZHOU Ji-rong
  Change of Polysaccharide During the Processing of Oolong Tea and its Structure Characteristic
    Journal of Tea Science   2005 Vol.25 (4): 282-288 [Abstract] (456) [PDF 363 KB] (377)
  GONG Fa-yong, QI Gui-nian, LI Jing
  Study on the Optimum Conditions in Extracting Polysaccharides in Sichuan Brick Tea
    Journal of Tea Science   2005 Vol.25 (3): 229-236 [Abstract] (369) [PDF 590 KB] (163)
  LI Yu-xian, PEI Xiao-hong
  Synthesis of tea polysaccharide-Fe(Ⅲ)complex and determination of Fe(Ⅲ)
    Journal of Tea Science   2005 Vol.25 (1): 71-74 [Abstract] (335) [PDF 317 KB] (185)
  CUI Xiao-ning, HOU Wei-hua, YANG Xiao-ping, TAN Yang, CAI Jin-xin
  Study on Adsorption Characteristic of Cu(Ⅱ) Ions by Tea Fiber
    Journal of Tea Science   2010 Vol.30 (4): 259-262 [Abstract] (451) [PDF 194 KB] (110)