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Journal title: Journal of Tea science
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Responsible Institution: China Association for Science and Technology
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Tea Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science
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Start time: 1964
No. of issues: Bi-monthly
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  CHEN Zhenyan, ZHANG Xiangqin, CHEN Lan, XIE Siyi, LIU Shuoqian, TIAN Na
  Identification and Expression Pattern Analysis of NUDIX Gene Family in Camellia sinensis
    Journal of Tea Science   2023 Vol.43 (2): 159-172 [Abstract] (247) [PDF 2179 KB] (153)
  GUO Lina, HAO Xinyuan, WANG Lu, QI Meng, LI Xiaoman, REN Hengze, ZHENG Qinghua, WANG Xinchao, ZENG Jianming
  Study on the Characteristics of CsPHT1;3 and Its Response to Selenium in Tea Plants
    Journal of Tea Science   2023 Vol.43 (2): 173-182 [Abstract] (223) [PDF 1242 KB] (170)
  HU Zhihang, QIN Zhiyuan, LI Jingwen, YANG Ni, CHEN Yi, LI Tong, ZHUANG Jing
  Identification of the Light-harvesting Chlorophyll-protein Complex Gene CsLhcb2 and Its Response to Low Temperature in Tea Plants
    Journal of Tea Science   2023 Vol.43 (2): 183-193 [Abstract] (207) [PDF 1246 KB] (108)
  ZHAO Yang, YANG Yang, LIU Zhen, YANG Pei-di
  Analysis of Codon Usage in Tea Plant (Camellia sinensis)
    Journal of Tea Science   2011 Vol.31 (4): 319-325 [Abstract] (361) [PDF 451 KB] (124)
  WANG Nai-dong, ZHANG Li-xia, XIANG Qin-zeng, LI Wei-wei
  Bioinformatic Analysis and Prokaryotic Expression of Polyphenol Oxidase Gene in Tea Plant (Camellia sinensis)
    Journal of Tea Science   2011 Vol.31 (1): 33-39 [Abstract] (481) [PDF 544 KB] (241)
  CHEN Lin-bo, FANG Chao, WANG Yu, LI Ye-yun, JIANG Chang-jun, LIANG Ming-zhi
  Cloning and Expression Analysis of Stress-resistant ERF Genes from Tea Plant [Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze]
    Journal of Tea Science   2011 Vol.31 (1): 53-58 [Abstract] (380) [PDF 269 KB] (155)