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Journal title: Journal of Tea science
Inscription of journal title: ZHU De
Responsible Institution: China Association for Science and Technology
Sponsored by: China Tea Science Society
Tea Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science
Editing and Publishing: Editorial Office, Journal of Tea science
Start time: 1964
No. of issues: Bi-monthly
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  MAN Ziyi, FENG Yi, WU Xiangting
  Inhibitory Effect of Catechin Monomer EGC on Pancreatic Lipase and Mechanism
    Journal of Tea Science   2022 Vol.42 (6): 863-874 [Abstract] (103) [PDF 963 KB] (60)
  DENG Zhihui, ZENG Jie, FU Hongjuan, CHANG Hui
  Effects of Theaflavin-3,3'-O-Digallate on Vascular Endothelial Injury and Inflammation in Rats with Diabetes Mellitus
    Journal of Tea Science   2021 Vol.41 (6): 823-830 [Abstract] (183) [PDF 709 KB] (83)