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Responsible Institution: China Association for Science and Technology
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Start time: 1964
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  WANG Feng, CHEN Yuzhen, WU Zhidan, YOU Zhiming, YU Wenquan, YU Xiaomin, YANG Zhenbiao
  Effects of Organic Management Mode on Soil Fungal Community Structure and Functions in Tea Gardens
    Journal of Tea Science   2022 Vol.42 (5): 672-688 [Abstract] (312) [PDF 1137 KB] (353)
  ZHANG Qunfeng, NI Kang, YI Xiaoyun, LIU Meiya, RUAN Jianyun
  Advances of Magnesium Nutrition in Tea Plant
    Journal of Tea Science   2021 Vol.41 (1): 19-27 [Abstract] (761) [PDF 10936 KB] (204)
  ZHU Yun, YOU Xueqin, YI Xiaoyun, NI Kang, RUAN Jianyun
  Effect of Different Tea Cultivars on Biomass Accumulation and Nutrient Distribution
    Journal of Tea Science   2020 Vol.40 (6): 751-757 [Abstract] (621) [PDF 292 KB] (191)
  CHEN Yuzhen, WANG Feng, WU Zhidan, ZHANG Wenjin, WENG Boqi, YOU Zhiming
  Effects of Chemical Fertilizer Reduction on Yield, Quality, Fertilizer Utilization Efficiency and Economic Benefit of Oolong Tea
    Journal of Tea Science   2020 Vol.40 (6): 758-770 [Abstract] (518) [PDF 468 KB] (302)
  YU Wenquan, WANG Feng, CHEN Yuzhen, SHANG Riyang, YOU Zhiming, ZANG Chunrong, CHEN Changsong
  Study on Soil Selenium Content and Its Influencing Factors in Typical Tea Garden of Fujian Province
    Journal of Tea Science   2020 Vol.40 (2): 173-185 [Abstract] (575) [PDF 350 KB] (295)
  WANG Feng, CHEN Yuzhen, WU Zhidan, JIANG Fuying, ZHANG Wenjin, WENG Boqi, YOU Zhiming
  Estimation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Fertilization, Production and Transportation of Synthetic Nitrogen for Tea Garden in Typical Region of China
    Journal of Tea Science   2020 Vol.40 (2): 205-214 [Abstract] (587) [PDF 269 KB] (184)
  WANG Feng, SHAN Ruiyang, CHEN Yuzhen, LIN Dongliang, ZANG Chunrong, CHEN Changsong, YOU Zhiming, YU Wenquan
  A Case Study of Cadmium Distribution in Soil-Tea Plant-Tea Soup System in Central Fujian Province and Relative Health Risk Assessment
    Journal of Tea Science   2018 Vol.38 (5): 537-546 [Abstract] (569) [PDF 829 KB] (348)
  WANG Feng, WU Zhidan, CHEN Yuzhen, JIANG Fuying, ZHU Liugang, ZHANG Wenjin, WENG Boqi, YOU Zhiming
  Effects of the Combined Application of Biochar and Nitrogen on Growth and Nitrogen Use Efficiency of Tea Plants
    Journal of Tea Science   2018 Vol.38 (4): 331-341 [Abstract] (510) [PDF 1128 KB] (196)
  LI Hailin, WANG Liyuan, CHENG Hao, WEI Kang, RUAN Li, WU Liyun
  The Effects of Nitrogen Supply on Agronomic Traits and Chemical Components of Tea Plant
    Journal of Tea Science   2017 Vol.37 (4): 383-391 [Abstract] (443) [PDF 914 KB] (240)
  XIE Shanni, ZONG Lianggang, ZHANG Qihui, DAI Rongbo, PAN Hanyue, YUAN Qiang
  Effects of Three Amendments on Selenium Availability of Highly Acidic and Se-rich Soil in Tea Garden and their Relative Mechanisms
    Journal of Tea Science   2017 Vol.37 (3): 299-307 [Abstract] (369) [PDF 978 KB] (358)
  ZHONG Qiusheng, LIN Zhenghe, ZHANG Hui, CHEN Zhihui, YOU Xiaomei, SHAN Ruiyang, CHEN Changsong
  Effects of Different Potassium Levels on Main Biochemical Components of Fresh Leaves of Tea Seedlings
    Journal of Tea Science   2017 Vol.37 (1): 49-59 [Abstract] (403) [PDF 1171 KB] (182)
  PAN Jianyi, HONG Suting, ZHANG Youjiong, ZHU Yuejin, LIAO Wanyou, HAN Wenyan
  Characteristics of Sulphur Distribution in Tea Plant and the Effect of Sulphur Application on Tea Yield and Quality
    Journal of Tea Science   2016 Vol.36 (6): 575-586 [Abstract] (731) [PDF 1101 KB] (185)
  LIU Yuan, WANG Liyuan, WEI Kang, CHENG Hao, ZHANG Fen, WU Liyun, HU Juan
  Screening and Validation of Reference Genes for Quantitative Real-time PCR Analysis in Tea Plant (Camellia sinensis) under Different Nitrogen Nutrition
    Journal of Tea Science   2016 Vol.36 (1): 92-101 [Abstract] (375) [PDF 1081 KB] (359)
  MA Lifeng, SU Kongwu, LI Jinlan, SHI Yuanzhi, YI Xiaoyun, FANG Li, RUAN Jianyun
  Effects of Controlled-release Nitrogen Fertilizer on Tea Yield, Quality, Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Economic Benefit
    Journal of Tea Science   2015 Vol.35 (4): 354-362 [Abstract] (569) [PDF 709 KB] (215)
  WANG Liyuan, CHEN Changsong, LIN Zhenghe, WEI Kang, WU Liyun, FENG Suhua, CHENG Hao
  Growth Characteristic of Different Cultivars of Tea Plant in Response to Nitrogen Contents
    Journal of Tea Science   2015 Vol.35 (5): 423-428 [Abstract] (519) [PDF 582 KB] (148)
  ZHOU Chao, HU Yurong, ZENG Jianming, YANG Jian, CHEN Liyan
  Effects of Soil Factors on the Selenium Absorption Characteristics of Tea Plant
    Journal of Tea Science   2015 Vol.35 (5): 429-436 [Abstract] (473) [PDF 635 KB] (170)
  WANG Feng, CHEN Yuzhen, YOU Zhiming, WU Zhidan, JIANG Fuying, ZHANG Wenjin, WENG Boqi
  Effects of Different Nitrogen Application Rates on Nitrification and pH of Two Tea Garden Soil
    Journal of Tea Science   2015 Vol.35 (1): 82-90 [Abstract] (469) [PDF 628 KB] (314)
  YANG Yi-yang, MA Li-feng, LI Xing-hui, R. G. Ratcliffe, N. J. Kruger, RUAN Jian-yun
  Metabonomic Analysis on the Effects of different Nitrogen Application Rates and Light/Dark Change on Metabolism in Tea Leaves
    Journal of Tea Science   2013 Vol.33 (6): 491-499 [Abstract] (404) [PDF 924 KB] (248)
  LIN Zheng-he, ZHONG Qiu-sheng, CHEN Chang-song, CHEN Zhi-hui, YOU Xiao-mei
  Effects of Different Potassium Level on Leaf Photosynthesis of Tea Seedling
    Journal of Tea Science   2013 Vol.33 (3): 261-267 [Abstract] (441) [PDF 617 KB] (381)
  HAN Wen-yan, XU Jian-ming
  NO3--N Concentration and Net Nitrification Rate in Tea Soils
    Journal of Tea Science   2011 Vol.31 (6): 513-520 [Abstract] (333) [PDF 647 KB] (183)
  TANG Jin-chi, WU Li-rong, WU Jia-yao, TANG Hao, LI Jian-long, PANG Shi
  Relations between Tea Yields & Quality and Applied Ratio of NPK Fertilizers in the Initial Production Tea Garden
    Journal of Tea Science   2011 Vol.31 (1): 11-16 [Abstract] (423) [PDF 175 KB] (245)
  LI Qiong, RUAN Jian-yun
  Effects of Fluoride on the Metabolism of Tea Quality Components
    Journal of Tea Science   2009 Vol.29 (3): 207-211 [Abstract] (471) [PDF 155 KB] (198)
  WANG Xiao-ping, LIU Peng, LUO Hong, XIE Zhong-lei, XU Gen-di, CHEN Li-jun
  Effect of Al and F Interaction on the Tea Quality
    Journal of Tea Science   2009 Vol.29 (1): 9-14 [Abstract] (391) [PDF 177 KB] (174)
  CHANG Shuo-qi, PENG Ke-qin, ZHANG Ya-lian, LIU Hong-yan, FU Hai-ping
  Effect of Mn Addition Treatment on Accumulation of Mn and Physiological Active Substance in Tea Plants
    Journal of Tea Science   2008 Vol.28 (5): 331-338 [Abstract] (417) [PDF 392 KB] (192)
  TANG Qian, YE Shan-rong, CHEN Neng-wu, ZHANG Su-ming, TAN He-ping
  Study on the Absorption and Accumulation of Cr3+ and Cd2+ in Tea Plants
    Journal of Tea Science   2008 Vol.28 (5): 339-347 [Abstract] (414) [PDF 462 KB] (211)
  YANG Yi-yang, MA Li-feng, SHI Yuan-zhi, RUAN Jian-yun, LI Xing-hui
  Evaluation of Nitrogen Status in Tea Plants by SPAD
    Journal of Tea Science   2008 Vol.28 (4): 301-308 [Abstract] (457) [PDF 525 KB] (260)
  ZHANG Lei, RUAN Jian-yuan
  Comparison on Research Methods for Fluoride Uptake Kinetics of Tea Plant
    Journal of Tea Science   2008 Vol.28 (3): 195-200 [Abstract] (356) [PDF 269 KB] (213)
  YOU Xue-qin, YANG Ya-jun, RUAN Jian-yun
  Requirement on Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium by Tea Plants with Different Ages under Field Conditions
    Journal of Tea Science   2008 Vol.28 (3): 207-213 [Abstract] (357) [PDF 280 KB] (141)
  WANG Yong-dong, LIAO Gui-tang, LI Ting-xuan, ZHANG Xi-zhou, HUANG Ping
  Studies on the Spatial Variability and Influencing Factors of Trace Elements in Sichuan Mengshan Montanic Tea Plantation Soils
    Journal of Tea Science   2008 Vol.28 (1): 14-21 [Abstract] (365) [PDF 892 KB] (193)
  XIA Jian-guo, LAN Hai-xia
  Effects of Cadmium Stress on Growth of Tea Plant and Physiological Index in Leaves of Mengshan Tea
    Journal of Tea Science   2008 Vol.28 (1): 56-61 [Abstract] (329) [PDF 422 KB] (161)