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Journal title: Journal of Tea science
Inscription of journal title: ZHU De
Responsible Institution: China Association for Science and Technology
Sponsored by: China Tea Science Society
Tea Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science
Editing and Publishing: Editorial Office, Journal of Tea science
Start time: 1964
No. of issues: Bi-monthly
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  DING Zhou, LI Yexin, YUAN Yi, WANG Haiyan, LIU Xueshi, JIANG Changjun
  Phenotypic Traits and Genetic Diversity of Elite Tea Population in Anhui(China)
    Journal of Tea Science   2018 Vol.38 (2): 155-161 [Abstract] (617) [PDF 862 KB] (134)
  LI Saijun, LEI Yu, DUAN Jihua, LUO Yi, HUANG Feiyi, DONG Lijuan
  Analysis of Genetic Diversity and Relationship of Qimen Population of Tea Plants Based on EST-SSR Markers
    Journal of Tea Science   2015 Vol.35 (4): 329-335 [Abstract] (440) [PDF 698 KB] (143)
  LIANG Yuerong, SHI Meng
  Advances in Tea Plant Genetics and Breeding
    Journal of Tea Science   2015 Vol.35 (2): 103-109 [Abstract] (643) [PDF 567 KB] (448)
  CHEN Changsong, CHEN Zhihui, ZHONG Qiusheng, LIN Zhenghe, YOU Xiaomei, WANG Xiuping, YU Wenquan
  Comparison of Growth Period and Biochemical Composition on Fujian Tea Cultivars and Genetic Diversity Analysis
    Journal of Tea Science   2014 Vol.34 (2): 172-179 [Abstract] (479) [PDF 873 KB] (187)
  YAO Ming-zhe, MA Chun-lei, JIN Ji-qiang, MA Jian-qiang, CHEN Liang
  Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Local Tea Landraces in Sichuan and Chongqing Revealed by EST-SSR Markers
    Journal of Tea Science   2012 Vol.32 (5): 419-425 [Abstract] (461) [PDF 944 KB] (126)
  TU Liang-jian, LIN Yong-song, HUANG Xue-min, WANG Dong, ZHENG Jin-gui
  Hybridization Technique for Tea Plant Lines with High EGCG Content
    Journal of Tea Science   2012 Vol.32 (5): 426-431 [Abstract] (454) [PDF 626 KB] (175)