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Journal title: Journal of Tea science
Inscription of journal title: ZHU De
Responsible Institution: China Association for Science and Technology
Sponsored by: China Tea Science Society
Tea Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science
Editing and Publishing: Editorial Office, Journal of Tea science
Start time: 1964
No. of issues: Bi-monthly
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  WANG Yingzi, LI Yinhua, CHEN Jinhua, LIU Zhonghua, HUANG Jian'an
  Effects of Exogenous Nitric Oxide on Physiological Characteristics of Tea Plants Under Cold Stress
    Journal of Tea Science   2019 Vol.39 (3): 335-341 [Abstract] (707) [PDF 647 KB] (206)
  REN Hengze, ZHANG Lixia, XIANG Qinzeng, HAN Xiaoyang, YU Qian, CAI Lu
  Effects of Rooting Agent on Endogenous Hormone Levels and Propagation of Softwood Cuttings of Tea Plant
    Journal of Tea Science   2019 Vol.39 (1): 11-12 [Abstract] (719) [PDF 368 KB] (311)
  REN Hengze, XIANG Qinzeng, ZHAO Xiuxiu, CAI Lu, ZHANG Lixia
  Effects of Apical -shoots and Functional Leaves on the Fast Propagation of Tea Cuttings under the Condition of Full-illumination and Mist
    Journal of Tea Science   2018 Vol.38 (5): 469-479 [Abstract] (487) [PDF 1198 KB] (177)