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Research on the Prototype and Process Parameters of Oolong Tea Rocking Green Mechanism of Non-circular Gear Planetary Gear Train

LIU Limin   

  1. Automobile Technology School, Zhejiang Technical Institute of Economics, Hangzhou 310018, China
  • Received:2023-05-31 Revised:2023-09-24 Online:2023-12-15 Published:2024-01-08

Abstract: In response to the problems of uneven tea stirring quality and poor effect caused by insufficient friction between fresh leaves in the current oolong tea rocking green mechanism, this paper designed a set of oolong tea stirring mechanism based on a non-circular gear planetary gear train. The kinematics analysis model of the mechanism was established and its optimal mechanism parameters were obtained. The pitch curve and tooth profile parameters (m=2, α=20°, z=51) of the non-circular gear were designed and obtained using MATLAB software. The structure design and prototype development of the device were completed. On this basis, a 3-factor and 4-level orthogonal experiment was designed and carried out to evaluate the stirring effect of oolong tea. Multiple indicators were transformed into a single indicator to obtain a comprehensive score that can evaluate the shaking effect. The optimal process parameters were determined through orthogonal test analysis. Under the combination of these process parameters, the effective shaking rate of oolong tea fresh leaves was 87.52%, the water loss rate was 30.19%, and the comprehensive score was 97.02% of traditional manual shaking. The experimental results show that the oolong tea rocking green mechanism and the non-circular gear planetary gear train could meet the shaking needs of different degrees of tenderness and quantities of oolong tea, making the processed oolong tea more similar to manual stirring.

Key words: Oolong tea, rocking green, non-circular gears, process parameters

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