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Journal of Tea Science ›› 2021, Vol. 41 ›› Issue (1): 48-57.doi: 10.13305/j.cnki.jts.2021.01.006

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Effects of Raw Materials from Different Tea Cultivars on Green Brick Tea Quality

YIN Yuxin, CHEN Yuqiong, JIAO Yuanfang, HAO Juan, YU Zhi, NI Dejiang*   

  1. Key Laboratory of Horticultural Plant Biology, Ministry of Education, Key Laboratory of Urban Agriculture in Central China, Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Tea Science, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan 430070, China
  • Received:2020-04-10 Revised:2020-05-18 Online:2021-02-15 Published:2021-02-23

Abstract: To explore the influence of tea leaves from different cultivars on the quality of Green brick tea, the leaves of 13 tea cultivars were used in this study. The sensory qualities of Green brick teas were evaluated according to the sensory evaluation. The main chemicals and aroma components were analyzed by chemical analysis and GC-MS method. The main components of Green brick teas made from different tea cultivars were significantly different. Among them, high contents of water extract, tea polyphenols, catechins, amino acids and soluble sugars of Green brick teas from Yingshuang, Oolong 2 and 4 were observed, but their contents in Green brick teas from Wuniuzao, Baiye 1, Fuding Dabaicha and E′cha 10 were relatively low. The latter also showed low ratio of phenol to ammonia and mellow taste. Aroma analysis shows that main aroma components were alcohols, aldehydes, ketones and alkenes, accounting for more than 85% of the total aroma. Green brick tea from Oolong 1 had the highest total aroma content and the lowest aroma similarity with other cultivars, with an outstanding aroma. Green brick tea from Oolong 4 had higher aroma similarity and better aroma coordination with other cultivars. Sensory quality analysis shows that the comprehensive qualities of Green brick teas from E′cha 10, Oolong 1 and 4 were the best, with a score of more than 88. Green brick tea from Baiye 1 had the lowest score. Green brick teas from Zhuyeqi, Echa 1 and Oolong cultivars had special fragrance. Green brick teas from oolong cultivars had the characteristics of abundant water extract, high ratio of polyphenols to amino acids, and special aroma. The Green brick teas from cultivars suitable for processing both green and black tea contained relatively high water extract and polyphenols, and good comprehensive quality. The Green brick teas from cultivars suitable for processing green tea only had mellow or neutral taste, suggesting the possibility to blending with other cultivars containing high polyphenols.

Key words: Green brick tea, tea cultivar, processing, quality, aroma

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